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A Dueling Organist

An organist involved in a duel. This can’t be good.

You won’t want to miss this story.

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The ultimate programmatic organ piece

It has been said that organists were the rock stars of the 1800s. No really. In one instrument you had the complexity of the computer, the beauty of a marvelous sculpture, the wonder of a great complex machine, instantaneous gratification of Facebook, and the gossip of Twitter.

One of the reasons was the uniquely American programmatic music for the organ. The organ and its music could take you on trips to an 1812 battle, to a serene picnic in a park; all in one concert.

You’ll hear Thunderstorm by Ryder in the From Sea to Shining Sea organ and multi-media concert event!  It really is thrilling!  Just like a true Mid-West thunderstorm.

From Sea to Shining Sea, created and performed by Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist with David Jordan, media artist.

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Really? A woman in a boat? Niagara Falls? Organ concert material?

Yes, this dare devil of a woman, Annie Edson Taylor actually lived to tell about her unimaginable journey over the falls.  Hear about what happened and see some pictures that are quite harrowing.

Discover how several prominent women organists held their own during this time as well in the audience-engaging concert event, From Sea to Shining Sea.  A concert chocked full of unique music and stories from America’s past!

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Cruise Bands? Who needs them, who leads them?

Immigrants by the thousands made their way to the shores of the new United States.  Steam powered ocean liners carrying several hundred people became the mode of transportation to cross the Atlantic.

In 1838 we meet Manuel Emilio, an expert ophicleide player in his native Spain, who found himself “Master of the Ship’s Band” on a very early steamship plying the Atlantic for New York City.  Mr. Emilio, a renaissance man,brought his multi-faceted musical talent to Salem, Massachusetts. Besides being an ophicleide player, he was also a seller of Chickering pianos, a choir director, a composer, a dance instructor, and yes, even an organist in several prominent Salem, Massachusetts churches.

Discover how Emilio fits into the fabric of the history of the organ in American in the organ and multi-media concert experience, From Sea to Shining Sea at

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An American Battle Piece

What was this group of men doing in Philadelphia?

In bold and rash steps on July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed by a group of men committed to the establishment of the United States of America.  By signing this document, it meant the battle lines were then formally drawn and the loosely organized colonies were at war with England.  This led to the Battle of Trenton.

Described muscially by Mr. James Hewitt, this uniquely American programmatic sonata thrills audiences today just as it did in the 18th century.

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Shoemaker, oxcart driver, or organist?

Brother Wilhelm Grabs of the Moravians of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Was he a
shoemaker, oxcart driver, or organist?

Besides being the person chosen to deliver an organ to Wachovia, upon his arrival,  Br. Grabs was informed of his new calling – that of learning to play the little organ as well.

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Dusty Church Attics?

What do dusty church attics have to do with the From Sea to Shining Sea organ and multi-media concert experience?

Sitting in dusty church attics, historical archives, and museums in cities up and down the East Coast, I started putting together the picture of the early American organ, its players, and its music by reading the diaries kept by prominent citizens of those first American communities.

These are stories and music I share with you in our From Sea to Shining Sea concert.  Stories and music that you won’t hear anywhere else.  Stories and music that are just too good to keep buried in a dissertation locked away in a library.

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