Our audience was totally focused

As coordinator of our Parish Arts concert series, I am pleased to report “From Sea to Shining Sea” was one of the best-received programs ever presented in our eighteen-year history; it was entertaining, educational, fascinating and inspiring. At its conclusion, the audience eagerly gave the Jordan’s a rousing, standing ovation. Jeannine, appearing on the gigantic screen positioned at the front of the sanctuary, told of the organ’s arrival from Europe and its expansion across the USA; it was clear, enthusiastic and at times, humorous. Everyone’s attention, without exception, was totally focused on her story. Her facility at the keyboard and pedals was flawless; her musical choices – marvelous; and her registrations – superb. She utilized every stop of the Holtkamp pipe organ, effectively demonstrating its versatility and power. David’s creative use of numerous cameras to project Jeannine’s hands and feet as she played, was perfectly coordinated with the music; the projections were extremely clever, alternating shots of the organ keyboards with pictures highlighting the pipe organ’s history in a new and developing country. One can only look forward with enthusiasm to the Jordan’s upcoming production of “Around the World in 80 Minutes.” Those who enjoyed this program won’t want to miss the next one.

Gary J. Pinter, Director of Music and Coordinator of the Parish Arts concert series, Fairlawn Lutheran Church, Akron, Ohio.

Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist and narrator, with David Jordan, media artist, are the creators and performers of three live organ and multi-media performances — From Sea to Shining Sea, Bach and Sons, and Around the World in 80 Minutes.


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