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From Sea to Shining Sea on the Ott organ

Sunday evening, February 28th, we had the joy and privilege of presenting From Sea to Shining Sea at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Des Peres, Missouri as part of the Music at St. Paul’s concert series.  The concert was the first played on the expanded Martin Ott pipe organ.  Ottorgan1

The expanded organ has three manuals and a pedal board. There are 2,541 pipes distributed over 51 ranks controlled by 49 stops. The new Rückpositiv, mounted on the
front of the balcony, alone has 616 new pipes.  The new horizontal Trumpet en chamade

speaks with regal richness and clarity.

The music of From Sea to Shining Sea sparkled with a myriad of colorful sounds.  Blithely Breezing Along, composed by Stephen Paulus in 2008, showcased sounds  from the smallest and most dainty 4′ flute to the power of the Trumpet en chamade.  Cornet combinations, reeds, foundation sounds, and the massive yet perfectly cohesive full organ sound completed the soundscape of the piece.

The two programmatic pieces, the Battle of Trenton by James Hewitt and The Thunderstorm by Thomas Philander Ryder were brought to life by the wide color palette of this wonderful instrument.  Concluding the concert with the Concert Variations on The Star Spangled Banner by Dudley Buck showed the glory of this marvelous Ott organ to the large and appreciative audience.

Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist, with her husband David Jordan, media artist, are the Dr. Jeannine and David Jordancreators and performers of the audience-engaging concert experiences, From Sea to Shining Sea, Bach and Sons, and   Contact Dr. Jordan to host one of these exciting shows in your community at